• Birdy Lushlin

    Birdy Lushlin

  • Matteo Gazzurelli

    Matteo Gazzurelli

  • Gabriele Guidi

    Gabriele Guidi

    3D capture with active & passive range sensing. Sensor fusion. 3D metrology. Modeling from acquired 3D data. Digital Heritage. Virtual Museums. Politecnico MI

  • Paola


    Web-designer, illustrator, love music, typography and homemade popcorn (with lot of salt and butter).

  • Nerd Graph

    Nerd Graph

    Your Nr.1 source for amazing infographics. Submit yours today!

  • Valentina Ziliani

    Valentina Ziliani

    Music lover, editor and little rascal. Addicted to Sufjan Stevens. I like dancing on my own.

  • Elena Murasso

    Elena Murasso

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